Secudrive File Server is a secure file sharing solution that helps enterprises to establish a collaborative workspace where multiple users can safely access, share, and edit confidential enterprise files, protected with digital rights management (DRM). Relative to the conventional DRM that is on file-level, Secudrive File Server’s folder-level DRM is a unique proposition as it helps enterprises to streamline and scale data security across enterprises.

Secudrive File Server adopts DRM technology to control user rights in shared folders. It can prohibit files from being copied, network transferred, printed, or screen captured while files can be created and edited freely in a secure shared folder. All user and file activity logs on a file server can be gathered, filtered, and monitored. Secudrive File Server improves security and productivity.

Major Features and Benefits

Secure shared folder

  • If a shared folder within a file server is set as a secure shared folder, each user of that folder is subject to the right restrictions relating to copying, network transferring, printing, and screen capturing assigned in advance.

Folder-by-folder DRM

  • DRM policy for a user applies not to a file but to all files in a shared folder. Folder-by-folder DRM is easier to manage than file-by-file management, which most enterprise DRM solutions adopt.

Editable but leakage prevented

  • While the users’ rights to copy, network transfer, print, or screen capture are securely restricted, editing the file within the secure shared folder works perfectly if given permission to do so. The transparently assured security boosts workforce productivity.

Application whitelisting

  • Runnable applications during the use of a secure shared folder can be whitelisted beforehand. It prevents ransomware in advance by prohibiting unknown applications from being installed.

Secure file transfer

  • When confidential files need to be sent out of the secure file server, not only the transfer log files but also copies of those log files are created for post-audits.


  • Able to set restriction on the capacity of export files or number of prints per day. If it exceeds, notification email is sent to the administrator.

Log management

  • All of the user and file activity logs can be gathered, filtered, and monitored in real time.

Control of all kinds of copy commands

  • All kinds of copy commands, such as copy and paste, save as to local PC, save to external drive, and clipboard copy and paste, can be under control.

Print control options

  • Printing can be banned. When allowed, a watermark can be stamped on the document. A spooled file is encrypted and then sent to the printer.

Hassle-free add-on to an existing file server

  • A simple software installation upgrades an existing file server to a secure one while preserving the original users, authorities, and file system. The existing shared folders can be converted to secure shared folders selectively.

Enterprise environment supported

  • The existing Active Directory environment can be integrated.