Internet Filtering

  • Control Internet Access
  • Website Whitelisting
  • HTTPS Filtering
  • Category Filtering

Employee Monitoring

  • Track Web & App Use
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Automated Email Reports
  • Web Activities Alerts

USB Device Control

  • Block USB & DVD drives
  • Prevent Insider Threats
  • Device Allowed List
  • File Transfer Alerts

Schools and Libraries

Prevent access to adult materials

  • Meet CIPA compliance requirements to qualify  for E-Rate funding
  • Easily disable the web filter for specific library patrons on request
  • Protect school-issued devices when students take them home

Employee Internet Management

Monitor and control employee internet usage

  • Improve productivity and network performance by blocking distracting sites
  • Enforce internet use policies by blocking access to unwanted online content
  • Limit liability and reduce security risks by preventing access to high-risk and NSFW websites

Web Security & DLP

Protect against web-based threat

  • Protect against web-based threats by blocking dangerous websites
  • Block cloud storage sites & apps to prevent data theft by employees
  • Close unused network ports to reduce the attack surface of your network

Employee Monitoring Software for Workforce Productivity

BrowseReporter is a versatile employee monitoring software to track productivity and efficiency.

Easily monitor web browsing and application usage with intuitive user activity reports.

Make informed decisions with user activity monitoring

BrowseReporter’s detailed reports provide managers with the activity data they need to better understand how in-house and remote team members are spending their time at work.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency by identifying employees that are wasting work time on social media, games, and other distractions
  • Track productivity and efficiency for your entire workforce, a specific team, and individual employees
  • Find out the time slots that remote workers and other employees with flexible schedules are the most active

USB Control Software to Prevent Data Theft

AccessPatrol is a data loss prevention and USB control software to protect sensitive data against theft to portable storage devices.

Block USB devices and other peripherals to mitigate the threat of USB malware and data leakage.

Monitor USB activity for suspicious
and high-risk behavior

AccessPatrol’s USB control features include a USB activity monitor for increased visibility into high-risk data transfers.

  • Receive real time email alerts when employees violate your endpoint security policies
  • Audit file operations reports to see files that have been copied, created, deleted, or renamed on removable media devices
  • Review USB activity logs to trace data breaches back to their source