Over two-thirds of CIOs say IoT will become a major burden as IoT multiplies the complexity of enterprise ecosystems

An independent global survey reveals that nearly three-quarters (74%) of IT leaders are concerned that Internet of Things (IoT) performance problems could directly impact business operations and significantly damage revenues.

This is because there is a risk that their organization will roll-out IoT strategies without having a plan or solution in place to manage the performance of the complex ecosystems that underpin IoT rollouts.

1. The scale of IoT is just too big to manage in a traditional way

2. It’s impossible to master IoT complexity manually

3. IoT creates new user experience headaches, including

  • Ensuring that IoT device firmware updates and security patches don’t have a negative performance impact.
  • Having the ability to track application behaviour on IoT devices as they interact with services.
  • Understanding the impact of IoT device performance on the user-experience.
  • Mapping the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem as it expands.

Organizations need a new approach that works at scale and simplifies IoT complexity; a software that uses automation to provide full operational insights into vast ecosystems of IoT sensors, devices, gateways, applications, and underlying infrastructure. With answers at their fingertips, rather than just more data on glass, organizations will be poised to enjoy the benefit from all that IoT technologies have to offer